Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meeting the Antler Woman on the Harlem Line

The Antler Woman

Monday afternoon, returning home from a pleasant walk in the city, shooting  lots of candid and occasionally a photo that, if not posed, wasn't candid, I put my but into a seat on a northbound train opposite a young woman wearing antlers. They weren't just some random set of antlers, they were eight pointers in red and blue, aqua, yellow and violet, tipped with foil. They were quite well done, and though I didn't ask, I wondered if they were fashioned from scratch or from an existing pair of antlers. Not that it didn't matter, they were delightful.

She was returning home from an electronic music festival on Randall's Island: Electric Zoo. She wanted to stand out beyond what an attractive young person might, just walking around in blue denim shorts and vest.

 We spoke of many things between Grand Central and where she exited from the train. She was passionate about music, and willing to educate a codger like myself to the number of sub-genres of electronic music available to  the aficionado. Her instrument, when she played, was a guitar, and she loved to sing. Alas, she worked full time at other things, so her creativity was channeled into small things such as those antlers.

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