Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jazzoetry for Surreal Dreams at Sidewalk 9/29/2012

Jazzoetry for Surreal Dreams

A reading at Sidewalk in the East Village from 5PM to 7PM, coordinated, hosted and emceed by Valery Oisteanu. He's the passionate looking guy in the check shirt. There'd be a pun there if he was Czech rather than a Soviet born Romanian-American. But there isn't so forget about it.

The reading was so real and there was a terrific line-up of poets for the reading, and rather than offend anyone by not including them in a list of who was terrific and who was not, I won't say. Instead I'll post two pictures of each one reading, a couple of audience shots and a couple more of some of the poets in attendance when they weren't reading.

I'll be adding names as I get the rest of them, but here's a partial list of the readers, in reading order:

Judith Malina
Allan Graubard

Larissa Shamilo
David St. Lascaux
Ronnie Norpel
Ron Kolm
Ilka Scobie
Jordan Zinovich
Barbara Rosenthal
Lee Klein
Steve Dalachinsky
Jeff Wright
Yuko Otomo
Thad Rutkowski
Peter Carlaftes

The piano was played by David Cieri

If you happen to notice your name wasn't included in the labels, don't shoot the messenger: Blogger only allows a maximum of 200 characters worth of labels. I'd include things besides names if there was enough room.

If you happen to notice fewer photos, maybe I was being censored.

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