Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Accidental Psychics

Somebody - and I don't have to be a psychic to say that it's probably someone in the psychic business - chained their sign to the light pole at the NW corner of Madison Ave. and E. 41st St. in Manhattan.

People walk by, people stand there and wait for the light, but it seems that nobody actually looks at the sign. Does it generate business? Do I care?

Sometimes I will find a piece of paper being offered by somebody a psychic hired to try and drum up business. I admit to being unimpressed especially since the person is offering it to me.

"I don't go to psychic's," I say, "and this one must not be any good if they need to hire somebody to go out and canvas for business."

"Whut you mean?" The canvasser says.

"Well, you're wasting the paper handing it to me."

"I'm not the psychic," the guy says. "She says I only got to hand these out to get paid."

"Well, she can't be very good if she couldn't tell you to only hand it to people who might want a psychic."


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