Thursday, July 18, 2013

Window of the St. Mark's Bookshop: A Superintendent's Eyes

The St. Mark's Bookshop, on the corner of 3rd Ave. and Stuyvesant Place in NYC, put the book right in the middle of their middle window. It's between Paul Auster and Bob Holman. 

Buy the book from them if you can. Great people.

As you can tell from the notice on the book - covering a significant portion of my cover photo - the copies at the St. Mark's are signed.

In case you missed it, here's links to the interviews by Lisa Chau in the Huffpost:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Steve, Ron and Yuko with copies of "A Superintendent's Eyes"

The book I've been working on with Steve Dalachinsky, "A Superintendent's Eyes," came in from the printer on July 3. I met up with Steve, Yuko and Ron Kolm, the editor, to look it over, get copies and sign some, too.

Lisa Chau did an interview with me on Huffpost, and one with Steve, too. She blogs for Huffpost, Technorati, Social Network Week, and writes for Forbes and the US News ands World Report.
There are 29 photos by yours truly inside the book, illuminating Steve's wonderful poetry and prose. Copies are currently available at the St. Mark's Bookshop in NYC. Karen Lillis, the Small Press Librarian, will be featuring it in her pop-up bookshops in Pittsburgh, and it should soon be available from Amazon as well.

The books is published by Unbearable Books and distributed by Autonomedia Press.

Steve and Ron posed in the doorway that is the front entrance to the building where Steve was the super, which is also portrayed on the back cover of the book.

More photos to come.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

People posing for someone else . . . No.5

No Five in a series that must eventually end.

Grand Central Terminal, NYC, NY, USA

A Sunday in June, early summer, early afternoon.

It's crowded:Except for the late evening, Grand Central is often full. It's a transportation hub, a tourist attraction, a shopping and casual eating destination. With all of that, if I have the time as I'm passing through, finding people posing for someone else is too easy. Finding people acting out some fantasy as they pose is a little more amusing. Do you think that for a moment they lost track of how public their performance was? And if they didn't did they care? Indeed, they didn't notice me.


Monday, July 1, 2013

A quick one: Ravines Rosé in the Window of Flatiron Wines and Liquors

People who know me know I like visiting New York State's Finger Lakes wineries and now follow a few whose wines I particularly like. One of them is Ravines Wine Cellars.
 So how pleased was I to see a  bottle of their 2012 Pinot Rosé standing front and center in the window of Flatiron Wines and Liquors on Broadway in NYC? Pleased enough to take a picture and pst it here.

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