Thursday, June 19, 2014

Columbia University Sound Arts MFA First Year Show May 2014

Nolan Lem
Columbia University's Sound Arts MFA program completed it's first year with presentations by its first two students, Nolan Lem and Carla Cisno. This link will take you to the catalog of the show.

The photos are presented in the order in which I viewed the installations. I saw Nolan Lem's first, and then Carla Cisno's.

There is no way my photographs can convey the audible aspects of these projects. Nolan Lem's piece, "Dice Roll" combined the cacophony of a textile mill or a Linotype room with the rhythm of ocean waves on the shore. The work is quite kinetic.

Carla Cisno's work, "What All Is," is quiet, working with subsonics, and quite visual. In the silence, one sees what one cannot hear. The inteference patterns in the water, and the projections of them, are meditative.


Carla Cisno

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