Sunday, February 26, 2017

Easton PA - 2/25/2017 - quick trip

I drove to Easton PA to see Shalom Neuman and drop off a few photos for his Unbearables wall at the International Fusionism Museum on North Fourth St. in Easton.

It was a surprising day, perhaps even frighteningly mild and pleasant for a day in February. We sat on the front stoop of the gallery, talking with each other and with people passing by. I shot a few photos. Two artists stopped by to drop off one of them's paintings for the next group show, which opens on Wednesday this week.

Shalom and I took a walk to the Easton Public Market. It's a food court with lots of interesting stands selling locally made things. I had a crepe, Shalom a Korean noodle soup. I helped two little kids learn how to make a silly putty ball. They were visiting with their parents from Long Island City and spent some time in the Crayola exhibit across the street.

Rebecca, the woman who took my order at the creperie was not only very pleasant and easy to talk to, she also caters, cleans and does publicity, so if you find yourself in need of such services, head over to the Full of Crepe stand. She's not from Easton, so if you speak with her, don't make that mistake. She's from Bethlehem.

Michelle Neifert, the artist and very helpful person who walked me through the IF show two weeks ago, was at the gallery when Shalom and I got back, being helpful by pulling out those pieces not yet picked up by her fellows, and loading them in her car to bring back to their rightful owners. How helpful is that?

Anyway, I think I've put up too many photos but what the hell, they are nice ones. I could've said more but I think I've written enough.

Representives from the Easton NAACP

Michelle Neifert - artist and very helpful person

Jesse the tattoo guy in front of the hot dog stand

In front of the Awesome Barber Shop

Rafaella and Rebecca

So here's a few photos I took.
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