Friday, May 27, 2011

Photos of "Music With a View 2011" - Part 2 of 3 at The Flea Theater, NYC

On Saturday, March 26, I went back to the Flea Theater to see and hear Dafna Naftali's piece, performed by her and the LEMUR Robots. I enjoyed the piece, a vividly colorful work accompanied by a slide show of images from nab early illuminated manuscript - visible in some of the pictures - and the robots, which she controlled with Wii controllers.

She was followed by a very introspective work by Jonathan Chen.
Ted Hearne and Philip White ended the show with several short works for voice and computer. Their sound was a physical assault on my ears. I was anything but charmed, but I truly liked what I was hearing. The dynamic range went from loud to louder, White's electronics enhanced and amplified the electrifying effect of Hearne's emotionally charged performance. I was unfamiliar with Hearne and White. I'm glad I got to see and hear them.

Randall Woolf moderated the post-performance conversation with the artists.

As usual, click on the photos for a larger view.

This is the program in the order of performance.
Saturday, March 26 @ 7PM
HOST: Randall Woolf
-Dafna Naphtali + LEMUR Bots
-Jonathan Chen
-Ted Hearne + Philip White

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