Friday, September 23, 2011

The Unbearables' Big Book of Sex - a reading at A Gathering of the Tribes.

Wednesday night, September 21 was the release reading/party for "The Unbearables' Big Book of Sex." It was held at a gallery space in the East Village, A Gathering of the Tribes from 7PM until 11PM. I was there for the first two hours or so. I've got a story in the collection, and what a collection it is, consisting of poetry, essays, short fiction and graphics. The Unbearables have done themselves proud in putting this thing together, and I am impressed with the work of the editors - in the order (or is that odor?) that they are listed on the title page: Ron Kolm; Carol Wierbicki (gotta love that Polish name!); Jim Feast; Steve Dalachinsky; Yuko Otomo & Shalom Neuman.

The book is 640 pages long, and it's table of contents is four of those pages, so damn, if everybody in it showed up and read, I'd still be there, sweating in the late summer heat and humidity of the East Village. (Why does the East Village always feel three degrees hotter and 20% more humid than the rest of Manhattan except for Orchard St.?) But only enough people to completely fill the gallery showed up, and Steve Dalachinsky and Jim Feast, acting as MCs and major domi kept things running while I was there.

I shot a few photos and this is the first part. The reading begins at the bottom, and maybe I'll move those pictures to the second part of this post.

There will more coming soon. Stay tuned, or whatever it is a person does when they're supposed to be following someone's inane postings on the web - not that mine are inane, just mine - but pardon my Daffy Duck moment,. Mine, all mine, you hear?

I hope you like them. Actually, I don't care if you like them or not. I like them. So there. That's what you get when I post something to my blog on a Friday night.

 And don't forget to buy the book. Only 18.95 -  a bargain at half the price. And read it too, especially the story on page 41.

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