Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finger Lakes Micro-mini Vacation 3/31-4/1/2012: Day 1 part 2

A second group of photos taken over the weekend March 31 - April 1.

It was back to Geneva. I find downtown Geneva, NY to be a place of potential. it has lovely buildings and nice people. A couple of exterior shots and architectural details followed by a few inside the Geneva Antique Co-op on Exchange Street, where the sisters were shopping for a wedding. The sisters were having a great time, and I they allowed me to share in their good humor.

The previous group of photos included a bunch of exteriors of homes in the Castle Hill neighborhood. Here I feature two neighboring properties, the William Brook House and Smith Observatory and the William Smith house. The former is a lovely brick Victorian with the restored observatory in the rear. Originally the home of Professor Brook, the astronomer and professor at Hobart College, the observatory houses a ten inch refracting telescope and a transit telescope. According to the Observatory's website, it has all been restored and maintained since 1974.

Next door is a bed and breakfast, the William Smith Inn. It's a lovely brick Victorian home that has been lovingly restored by it's current owners, David and Theresa Gage.

They were kind enough to give us a tour of the interior, relating its history as the home of the nurseryman and founder of the college, and as a church run retirement home. David, a native of Geneva and a graduate of Hobart College, and his wife Teresa, have been restoring homes in Geneva for the past twenty or so years. She told us this is the fourth home they've restored and put back on the tax rolls.

 An interesting contest, the results of which I don't know. It's little hints like this that get me thinking that something is going on in Geneva, NY, though I can't get a feel for the timetable.

Theresa Gage is a delightful and energetic hostess

What's a B&B without it's resident dog?

I've got at least one more batch to work on from this micro-mini-vacation, but before I get to that, there's going to be photos from the 2012 Radomer Mutual Culture Center Yom Hashoah memorial at Bnai Zion in NYC.
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