Thursday, May 24, 2012

My daughter's play - Part 2 (My Very Own Flag by Holly George Krakowski)

Before I continue with some comments on the play, I want to mention this is my 100th post on this blog.

If you missed yesterday's part one, here's the link

And now, back to the show:

The artist is sometimes subsumed by the art. A father watching his daughter's play with pleasure and pride forgets himself and thinks of her. The actors on the stage, the lighting and the sound, the sets, costumes and makeup, are there and doing what they're doing because she put them there, put the words in their mouths, told them where to stand, where to go, what to do with their hands.

Yet despite the father's desire to see it all as his daughter's creation from nothing knows and acknowledges that the musicians, the sound and light technicians, the makeup and costume directors, the carpenter, the stage director and of course the actors worked as hard and righteously to make the show a success. So the father applauds them, and in photographing the show, that is what is present. The co-directors and author is only visible at the beginning and the end. Between the curtain going up and the actors' bows, their presence is invisible. If they did their work right, the actors are confident in their motions and the delivery of their lines, the scenes change smoothly, and the audience is entertained and illuminated.

And when it's done, what's left? If we paid attention, we saw and heard something that stays with us after we exited the theater.

The photos pick up in the middle of the play, where Deirdre confronts Lee with her feelings.

Here's a list of cast and crew:
Cast (in order of appearance):
Douglas O'Hearn - Robby
abigail e. dunn - Lee
Sarah Danger Duff - Emily
Gina Sabatini - Deirdre
Nathaniel Hillard - Mike
Lisa Bjerke - Joe
Alicia Hynes - Scott
Tomas Carolsfeld - Dave
Brittany Lester - Waitress
Colleen Courtney - Jess McCordic - Moses Bastille - Amber Parshley - Cara Soucy - Hannah Flagg - Sarah Hines
Band - Down the Drain:
Pok Tik Benjamin Leung - Kelley Sharp - Jeana DeLaire - Michael Hueter
Crew (as best I can figure out):
Polly McAdam - Kandyce Bartee - Alice Mae Stoner (stage?)
Rain Melody - costumes
Brittany Lester - Makeup
Renee McManus -tee-shirt design/ Kyle Christensen - tee-shirt spray painting
Katie DiTullio - Patrick Davis - Jabu Mickle-Molefe: light and sound
Millard Dority - Gabriel West - the Buildings and Grounds Crew - set construction
Bo Remy Dennis - Tomas' hair

Thanks Holly, for being my daughter, for growing up to be the person you are. It doesn't mean a thing to anyone but us, but you made your dad quite proud.

Please note that comments, though moderated, are welcome. Clicking on a photo to see it full size.

The play ends as it begins, with the band playing, the ensemble dancing and Lee and Robby on opposite ends of the stage.

If you made it all the way down to here - there are a lot of photos - then you deserve to see a few photos of cast and crew after the performance.

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