Saturday, May 11, 2013

Microclimate [A Wine Bar] - Geneva, NY April 13, 2013

Drinking wine in Geneva NY has never been as pleasant as it is now. There are a few establishments in this small city on the northern end of Seneca Lake to enjoy a meal or a drink, but among them Microclimate, tucked away on Linden Street between the Smith Opera and the Old YMCA is a gem of a place. If I wanted a place in upstate to get drunk, if getting drunk was something I liked to do, then this would be the place to do it, though getting plastered at the Microclimate would be a waste of the visit since the bar is meant to be a place where you stay sober enough to still enjoy the flavors and aromas of the wines and beers they serve, the conversations which revolve around the wines, the lakes and wineries and breweries that are one of the things that draws me to the area, and of course, James's or Stephanie's discussion of what you are about to drink.
This was our second visit since they opened about a year ago. I hope it won't be our last. We had a flight of pink sparkling wines that was featured on the menu and included two from the Finger Lakes, one from Argentina, one from Spain and one from Austria. I liked the Herman Wiemer Brut RosĂ© 2009 (Seneca Lake) best, and had a full glass after we finished the flight 
There was a small crowd celebrating a thirty-first birthday in the back room, a great group that included a woman who runs a hand-made chocolate store, who was there with friends, her husband and a child who will have to wait a few years before he gets to sample these wines.

If you are visiting the area, this is a place you must visit. On Saturday they don't open until 4PM, so make your plans accordingly.

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