Sunday, September 10, 2017

Just another Sunday in the East Village while Irma stormed toward Florida

I owe myself a major post where I show pictures of the high plains of Montana, of oil derricks bobbing up and down in western North Dakota, of railroad crossings across the nation, and whatever else I feel like from my railroad trip from NY to Spokane, WA, but that's a ton of work - I took so many pictures that it's a major job just to choose which ones to use and then edit them, post them and try to think of something to write that goes with them.

But that will have to wait because while Hurricane Irma was hitting land in southwestern Florida, I was wandering around in NYC's own East Village, camera in hand. I took a few photos and at least a couple of people asked me where I'm posting them and I told them here. So there.

That said, first Mabel, that very handsome dog, and her human companion whose name I can't remember. It might have been Christine, or that might have been her friend with the orange sunglasses. Love those shades.

Next I ran into two poets who have been associated with the Unbearables, Eve Packer and David Huberman.

 Then in the bar at the Sidewalk Cafe I got into a conversation with John and Sarah, or is it Sarah and John who are a musical group called Sweet Lorainne - they are playing the Pianos on the Lower East Side on 9/24. They were definitely fun to talk to and they inspired me to tell stories I find so full of oddities and outrageousness that they just had to be true.

And finally on my way out I stopped to ask this quartet why they were toasting each other. Turns out it was a birthday toast. So this picture's my birthday toast to them.

Hope Florida survives the tempest.

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